Finance Assistant Job Description

Finance Assistant Job Description: The Role and Responsibilities

A finance assistant provides support to an organization’s finance department. They are involved in various accounting, reporting, analysis and compliance activities. If you’re interested in kickstarting a career in finance, a finance assistant role can provide great exposure and experience.

Finance Assistant Job Description


Finance Assistant Job Description

  • Works with the finance and accounting teams to support critical organizational functions
  • Entry-level role ideal for those new to finance and accounting
  • Performs day-to-day tasks ranging from data entry to financial reporting
  • Assists senior team members like Finance Managers and Controllers

Typical Duties

  • Prepares, examines and analyzes accounting records, financial statements and other financial reports
  • Reconciles accounts and data entries to ensure the accuracy of information
  • Reviews and processes invoices, expense reimbursements and other transactions
  • Helps compile budgets and forecasts, supports month-end and year-end close
  • Maintains digital and physical financial files, database systems and records

Finance Assistant Requirements and Qualifications

To succeed as a finance assistant, certain skills and qualifications are required or preferred:

Education and Experience

  • Associate or Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or related discipline
  • Coursework in core finance/accounting concepts
  • Internships, finance temp roles, or data entry experience a plus

Key Competencies

  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • High proficiency with MS Excel and Office productivity platforms
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving
  • Ability to handle confidential data

The right candidate will have an interest in starting a career in corporate finance. While the compensation is entry-level, a finance assistant role offers tremendous potential for learning and growth. It’s an ideal way to gain vital experience in accounting and financial analysis.

Finance Assistant Job Description 

We are looking for a meticulous and driven Finance Assistant to support our Finance department. As our new Finance Assistant, you will work closely with the financial planning and analysis teams. This is an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand experience in accounting and corporate finance functions.

Your Role and Responsibilities

  • Support monthly financial reporting and planning/budgeting processes
  • Prepare balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements
  • Complete account reconciliations and analyses
  • Process invoices, expense reports, and other transactions
  • Assist with audits and compliance requests
  • Maintain digital and physical records and files
  • Help compile data and analysis to inform business decisions

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or a related discipline
  • Working knowledge of accounting and finance principles
  • High proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
  • Strong organizational abilities and attention to detail
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to manage confidential financial information
  • Self-driven work ethic and ability to prioritize urgent requests

This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to begin their career in accounting, finance and business analytics. Extensive on-the-job training will be provided to qualified candidates. We encourage driven, ethical professionals to apply for hands-on experience supporting core business functions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Finance Assistant Jobs

What does a finance assistant do?

A finance assistant provides administrative and analytical support to an organization’s finance department. Common tasks include preparing financial statements and reports, processing invoices and transactions, performing account reconciliations, assisting with budgeting/forecasting, and maintaining digital/physical records.

What qualifications do I need to be a finance assistant?

Most finance assistant roles require a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or a related area. Coursework in core concepts like financial accounting, managerial accounting and Excel modelling is very helpful. Attention to detail and organizational abilities are also must-have soft skills.

What is the career path for a finance assistant?

With hands-on experience and some certifications, a motivated finance assistant can often move into a senior role like a Financial Analyst after 2-3 years. From there, experienced professionals may progress to Finance Manager, Director of FP&A, Controller and CFO roles in the long run.

How much does a finance assistant make?

According to PayScale, the average base salary for a finance assistant in the U.S. is $41,674 per year. Total pay can range from ~$33k on the low end to over $60k depending on factors like location, company size/industry and years of relevant work experience.

What should you include in a finance assistant resume?

For a finance assistant resume, highlight any degrees, coursework or certifications in finance/accounting. Include technical skills like Excel modelling along with soft skills that match the position. Quantify your bullets with any data analysis, reporting or process improvement examples from past roles.


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