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Videographer Resume Sample Template

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Sample Videographer Resume: Imogen Crosby

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Address: Minnesota

Phone: [Phone Number]

As a videographer, your resume is your calling card, showcasing your skills and experience in the competitive world of video production. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey in videography, a well-crafted resume can be your ticket to the next exciting opportunity. Let’s take a look at a sample resume for Imogen Crosby, a fictional videographer based in Minnesota, to get some insights into how to create an impressive videographer resume.

Imogen Crosby

Address: Minnesota

Phone: [Phone Number]

Email: [Email Address]

Objective: Experienced videographer with a strong background in capturing and editing compelling video content and seeking a challenging videography position to utilize my technical skills and creativity to produce engaging visual narratives.

Professional Experience:

Videographer | XYZ Productions, Minneapolis, MN | July 2018 – Present

  • I filmed and edited content, including promotional videos, event coverage, and documentary-style interviews.
  • They collaborated closely with clients to understand their vision and ensure the delivery of high-quality video projects that met their objectives.
  • They operated and maintained video equipment, ensuring that cameras, lighting, and audio devices were in optimal working condition.
  • Conducted post-production work, editing and enhancing video and audio content using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • I stayed updated on industry trends and technologies, incorporating new techniques into video production to maintain a fresh and modern approach.

Videography Intern | ABC Media, St. Paul, MN | May 2017 – August 2017

  • Assisted in various aspects of video production, including camera setup, lighting, and audio recording for on-location shoots.
  • She worked closely with senior videographers to develop and refine shooting techniques and gain hands-on experience with video equipment.
  • Edited and organized video footage, ensuring all media assets were accessible to the production team.
  • I supported the team in creating storyboards and shot lists for upcoming projects, contributing to project planning and organization.


Bachelor of Arts in Film Production | University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN | May 2018


  • Proficient in operating professional video cameras, including DSLRs and camcorders.
  • I am experienced in video editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Strong understanding of lighting and audio principles for video production.
  • Creative with an excellent eye for framing and composition.
  • Effective communicator and collaborator, capable of working in a team-oriented environment.
  • Time management skills to meet project deadlines and adapt to changing circumstances during shoots.


  • Video Production Certification, [Certification Provider], [Year]


Available upon request.

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